Promising Praises

At Promise Place we understand and acknowledge our communities efforts to support those affected by trauma, sexual assault, and crime. Because of our deep gratitude for our communities support, our Promising Praises page is dedicated solely to the ongoing efforts we receive from individuals making a difference in our mission and our surrounding area. 

By working together, Promise Place can effectively pursue further opportunities and develop resources across multiple regions. With your support we can better influence our surrounding environment, which has a significant impact on our clients’ journeys in their communities.

Individually and together, our efforts build a stronger community by mobilizing our schools, churches, local business', groups, and individuals looking to make an impact through research, civic engagement, healing, sustainability, donations, and results-based funding.

Take a look at our community in action and see how you too can cause a ripple effect for change. 

New Bern Corvette Club
Thank you

In September 2020 members of the New Bern Corvette Club gifted Promise Place with a $500.00 check to continue impacting those affected by sexual assault, crime, or trauma. 

Three Guys Signs

Why They're Great >


For years, this local business has supported our agencies efforts without any hesitation. On a consistent basis, they are helping supplement where our grants fall short by offering services and signs. Thank you Three Guys Signs. Check their website out here:

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