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Want to do more to stop sexual violence in your community? Join us for one of our three community education programs and learn what you can do to make your community a better place. We offer 3 programs focused on addressing violence: Safe Dates, Darkness to Light: Stewards of Children, and Dating Matters. These trainings are in-person or virtual (depending on COVID and other factors) and are offered to individuals, school groups, community partners, business, government officials, and anyone else who wants to participate. Visit our Community Calendar to find out more about our upcoming trainings or our Resources page to learn more about these programs and why we offer them. 


March 18th, 1pm-3pm*FULL*

April 22nd, 9am-11pm

May 20th, 1pm-3pm

June 2 *FULL*

July 22nd, 9am-11am

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Visit to learn more about the program and its curriculum.

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