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Video Resources

"Let's Talk" Video Series
Let's Talk: Resilience

The "Let's Talk" Video Series is produced in partnership with Craven Community College (Craven CC). In the first video,  Robert Bondurant, Director of Advising and Counseling, Jenifer Gonzalez, former Executive Director of Promise Place, and Gayle Westberg, former Promise Place Trauma Therapist, talk about the importance of adversity and being resilient in the face of difficulties. 

Let's Talk: Vulnerability

In this video Robert Bondurant, Jenifer Gonzalez, and Gayle Westberg continue their "Let's Talk" video series by talking about vulnerability. It can be difficult to open up and be vulnerable, but it's important to stay connected and maintain a good and reliable support system for yourself and others.

Let's Talk: Fears and Anxiety

In this video Robert Bondurant, Jenifer Gonzalez, and Stephanie Scott continue their "Let's Talk" video series by talking about fear, anxiety, and its influence on people's moods and minds. Fear and anxiety are two sides of the same coin, but with a little help from a therapist even the most anxious of minds can be soothed.

Other Great Video Resources
Human Trafficking Prevention

We were so pleased to host Camille Hesterberg and Kiricka Smith from the NC Council for Women and listen to their presentation on human trafficking awareness and prevention. We invited other community nonprofit partners, local law enforcement, SANE nurses, and community members to share in the knowledge and to work on better coordinating our services to human trafficking specific needs. This presentation and Camille and Kiricka’s work is an important reminder that human trafficking DOES happen here and it is the work of an entire community to stop it. 

The Impact: Ripple Effects

This short documentary presents a personal, critical perspective from survivors’ point of view juxtaposed with viewpoints of caretakers, mental health professionals, law enforcement agencies, policy makers, family members and the community at large. Emotional dialogue from all perspectives connects the devastating ripple effects of sexual assault in this documentary. Rape is prevalent yet predominately hidden in our culture. In this video, conversations about this hideous crime are addressed directly, openly and honestly. This is a vital step in empowering victims and cultivating transformation.

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